Beautiful Souls

Beautiful Souls
Beautiful Souls of Amoeba Awareness

Sunday, May 4, 2014

INTRODUCING our Summer Campaign~


Now is the time to PLAN ahead, get your nose PLUG, PREVENT PAM!

The summer trips to the beach, cabin or summer camps are just around the corner. In Minnesota, next weekend is the Fishing Opener~ the "official" start of summer. It's time to get nose plugs together and have them handy... in the boat, the beach bag, the car, your purse-- wherever just to have them on hand.

Be safe this summer!

In loving Memory of These Beautiful Souls

Annie Bahneman~ Age 7~ Minnesota
Blake Driggers~ Age 8~ South Carolina
Christian Strickland~ Age 9~ Virginia
Courtney Nash~ Age 16~ Florida
Dalton Counts~ Age 9~Oklahoma
Elizabeth Simms Hollingsworth~ Age 10~ So. Carolina
Hailee Marie LaMeyer ~ Age 11~ Minnesota
Jack Ariola Erenberg~ Age 9~ Minnesota
Jeff Rosenthal~ Age 19~ Florida
John "Jack" Herrera~ Age 12~ Texas
Marissa Claire Cook-Norris~ Age 7~ South Carolina
Mark Kincade~ Age 27~ Texas
Mason Faubel~ Age 6~ Minnesota
Phillip Gompf~ Age 9~ Florida
Waylon Able~ Age 30~ Indiana
Will Matthews~ Age 14~ Louisiana
William Steven Sellars~ Age 11~ Florida
Zachary Reyna~ Age 12~ Florida