Beautiful Souls

Beautiful Souls
Beautiful Souls of Amoeba Awareness

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Awareness Still Matters

We are still here, wanting others to be aware of the dangers of PAM. Here in Minnesota, we are missing our babies.
     The Ariola's are surviving 5 years without Jack.
     The Faubel's, who are not from MN, but visited MN 6 years ago are missing their Mason.
     The Bahneman's just passed 7 years since saying goodbye to Annie.
     The LaMeyer's are facing 9 years without Hailee.

For several years, there has not been a confirmed case here in MN, however the risk still exists. It is imperative that we do not get lazy about swimming safe rules. Remember..... DO NOT GET FRESHWATER IN YOUR NOSE. This is  how PAM is contracted. It truly is as simple as that.

We all take precautions to fasten our seatbelts, wear a life-jacket or come in out of a lightening storm. Protecting yourself and loved ones from PAM is another precaution we all must take. It is the reality of what is in the water.

* If your child is too young to plug their nose or wear a nose plug.... they may not be safe independently in the water.

This week, the day the Country looked to the sky to see the awe of the solar eclipse was the 7 year Angelversary of Annie Bahneman. The following post was lovingly entered on the facebook page of Annie's Aunt. It states perfectly how time does not heal all wounds. Thank you Rebecca Penfold Murray for these personal thoughts...

"Seven years. Annie, my lovely niece and treasured human, is dead as long as she lived. This is only significant in the absurdity of hoping that "time heals" because it really doesn't matter how long she is gone; her impact does not fade. And although one learns how to carry the weight of grief, that does not fade either. At least for me, and for this sweet kid.
I am in a part of the world where the sun will darken entirely in the sky today and everything will change and get eerie and quiet and still, and the animals will cease their movements, and the insects get confused, then wind will pick up, the temperature will drop, and people may even weep and fall to their knees under the terrible awe of it, and it will be exactly right. Totality."

                                           Annie Bahneman

Please don't have a false sense of security. This disease still remains 98% FATAL if contracted, yet it is 100% preventable. Thank you for reading!

In loving Memory of These Beautiful Souls

Annie Bahneman~ Age 7~ Minnesota
Blake Driggers~ Age 8~ South Carolina
Christian Strickland~ Age 9~ Virginia
Courtney Nash~ Age 16~ Florida
Dalton Counts~ Age 9~Oklahoma
Elizabeth Simms Hollingsworth~ Age 10~ So. Carolina
Hailee Marie LaMeyer ~ Age 11~ Minnesota
Jack Ariola Erenberg~ Age 9~ Minnesota
Jeff Rosenthal~ Age 19~ Florida
John "Jack" Herrera~ Age 12~ Texas
Marissa Claire Cook-Norris~ Age 7~ South Carolina
Mark Kincade~ Age 27~ Texas
Mason Faubel~ Age 6~ Minnesota
Phillip Gompf~ Age 9~ Florida
Waylon Able~ Age 30~ Indiana
Will Matthews~ Age 14~ Louisiana
William Steven Sellars~ Age 11~ Florida
Zachary Reyna~ Age 12~ Florida